Jefferson County Attorney

County Attorney

Joseph Casson

422 E Street

Fairbury, NE  68352

Phone: (402) 729-6813

Fax: (402) 729-6832


The county attorney has the duty of prosecuting all criminal cases in the county on behalf of the State of Nebraska.  The county attorney also represents the county in civil actions and advises the Board of Commissioners and other county officials with respect to legal issues that arise.  The county attorney’s office processes tax foreclosures on real estate, handles matter that fall within the jurisdiction of the juvenile court, and conducts mental health board proceedings as may be required.  The county attorney is also the ex officio county coroner.

The county attorney’s office does not provide free legal services to residents of the county.



Diversion Services

Jefferson County Diversion Services

422 E Street, Suite 5

Fairbury, NE 68352

(402) 587-5459


Jefferson County Attendance Support

422 E Street, Suite 5

Fairbury, NE 68352

(402) 587-5458



Legal Aid:  1-877-250-2016

Nebraska State Bar Association Lawyer Referral:  1-800-927-0117

Volunteer Lawyers Project:  1-800-742-3005

Nebraska State Capitol Library:  1-402-471-3189