Jefferson County Clerk

The County Clerk's duties include recording all proceedings of the board and attending all its meetings. They also must attend all meetings of the County Board of Equalization. The Clerk must countersign all warrants issued by the Board which have been signed by the Chairman. Special duties, as required by law may also be necessary. The Clerk must keep a record of all the official bonds and a record of the layout, changes and improvements to all roads. The Clerk must also report to the Secretary of State the names of all county officials, their signatures, and their seals of office before February 1. The County Clerk may also appoint a deputy for whose acts the Clerk will be responsible. The County Treasurer, Sheriff, Register of Deeds, or Surveyor may not be appointed as deputies.

Clerk                                                                                 Deputy Clerk
Kristina Riggle                                                                 Rochelle Greenwood
411 4th Street
Fairbury, NE 68352
Phone: (402) 729-6818
Fax: (402) 729-6806
Office Hours: 9AM - 5PM M-F